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The Top Global Musical Terms of 2005!

Global Music

Top Global Musical Terms of 2005 by Mike Manewitz:

1. Reggaeton (pronounced Reggae-TONE): Part Latin, part hip hop, with liberal helpings of Dancehall and Caribbean music thrown in for good measure. Several Reggaeton radio staples this year made their way into the public consciousness.

2. Baile (pronounced Bye-Lay) Funk: Brazilian dance music that has gained popularity worldwide, championed by such trend-setters as Norman Cook in the UK, and Philadelphia DJ Diplo.

3. Podcast: New broadcast medium; think of it as Tivo for your radio. Even your nighbor is podcasting.

4: Rootkit: Thanks to an overzealous copy-protection scheme, thousands of music fans who tried to encode Sony artists' music onto their computer unwittingly installing a malicious piece of code that exposed their computers to attack. After intense media scrutiny and public outcry, Sony recalled the CD's from shelves and offered free downloads of the affected albums. counter customizable free hit

5. Live 8: Millions of people tuned in to the sequel to Sir Bob Geldoff's1985 Live Aid benefit, this time to raise awareness of poverty and Third World debt and to pressure countries in the G8 to do something about it.
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