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The Top Ten Global YouthSpeak Words for 2006

1. Yoof Speak – Pan-Asian term for YouthSpeak.

2. Ballin’ – Doing well; fine; as in he’s really ballin’ now.

3. Stick Ice – Chinese YouthSpeak for ‘popsicle’ or ice cream cone.

4. ii – Siigniifiies the text messaging style of doubliing the letter ii wherever iit iis found. (Very gee or preppy).

5. Ya-ya papaya – Snooty person (Singlish from Singapore).

6. 1 – From the U2 song One Love. Sign-off to Instant Messages.

7. =^..^= The emoticon representing a kitty.

8. Get up One’s Nose – Irritates, as in ‘He gets up my nose!’ (UK).

9. LMAO – Texting abbreviation for Laughed My Ass Off.

10. Yobbo – An unrefined or loutish youth (Aussie/UK).

The Top Global YouthSpeak Words for 2005 were:
1. Crunk -- A Southern variation of hip hop music; also meaning fun or amped.
2. Mang -- Variation of man, as in "S'up, mang?" 3. A'ight -- All Right, "That girl is nice, she's a'ight".

The Most Frequently Spoken Word on the Planet: O.K.

Popularized by US President (1837 -1841) Martin Van Buren's nickname, Old Kinderhook from his birthplace in New York State. His re-election slogan was 'Martin Van Buren is O.K'. Didn't you ever wonder why a simple word can be spelled in capital letters followed by periods? Though the undoubtedly word appeared in earlier variations, this is the event that solidified its position in the language.

The Number of Words in the English Language: 991,833
Estimate Wednesday, December 30, 2006 10:34 PM Pacific.

Total Number of English Speakers: 1,300,000,000
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